The Western Art of Larry Bees

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Limited Edition Prints  - Horses - Cowboys - Native American - Women/Children - Animals - Mountain Men - Cavalry   

Printmaking is the process of using printing plates made from photographing original art.  The  

plates are then used to print the edition, which is signed and numbered to form the limited edition.


Larry's interest in our western heritage is not directed in one particular area such as landscapes, animals, people or historic areas.  Rather it is anything related to the west or the western lifestyle.  That is why you will see a variety of subjects in his work as he kept searching for interesting subjects to present to His collectors.

Working with the pencil, and the many challenges it presents, were a complete pleasure to him. The pencils he used gave him a black that is very similar to ink while also giving him grays that go from dark gray to almost white. This allowed him to bring out all the little nuances of each piece.  One of the joys in using the pencil was being able to push back or pull out areas to give more distinctive definition that is readily observed.  As an example, he shot photos in color and many areas are lost or are not easily seen due to the values and hues in the photograph.  With the pencil, these can be adjusted to more clearly define the areas while not violating the integrity of the overall piece.  The end result is a portrait that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Larry's portraits are executed on various surfaces such as; Mylar Drafting Film, Bristol Board or Watercolor Paper.  All surfaces are museum quality and acid free. Occasionally he would produce an oil portrait, which unlike his pencil portraits, is a much looser style.  A few samples of these are available on his web site.


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